Vegan Wine

What sets Doom Juice wine apart from the rest? Doom Juice creates high-quality vegan wine that's completely natural and absolutely delicious. Made from premium grapes that are carefully selected to provide an exquisite flavour, each stage of our fermentation process is carefully completed with the utmost skill. The result is a delicious selection of vegan wines that are some of the best you'll find anywhere.

We currently offer three great choices of vegan Doom Juice wine. If you prefer a vegan white wine, take a look at our Doom Juice Skins. Created from a mix of Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier grapes, we use the whole grape in the fermentation process, rather than just the skin. The result is a vegan sparkling wine Australia wine enthusiasts love. In addition to Doom Juice Skins, we also make the Doom Juice Gewurz vegan white wine. Made from the Gewurztraminer grape, it has a dry, light taste overlaid with an irresistible bouquet of tropical fruit.

For wine drinkers who prefer a Rose, take a look at our Doom Juice option. Grown from Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz grapes from Riverlands in South Australia, this organic vegan wine benefits from light, fruity flavours that include citrus and peach.

Making organic vegan wine Australia drinkers appreciate requires a different approach to the way in which wine is made conventionally. Some of the things that we do differently include:

Our wine is unfiltered

In conventional commercial winemaking, the filtration process (including fining, to remove bacteria and tiny particles of unwanted material) is carried out using filters that are frequently made of animal products. As a vegan wine producer, we know that our audience doesn't want animal materials used at any stage of the fermentation process. For this reason, our wines are unfiltered. Particles are removed by racking - a process in which the tanks of wine are left to sit, undisturbed. Solid material gradually settles to the bottom of the tank, leaving the majority of the wine clear and ready for bottling.

We use wild fermentation

Did you know that each grape skin may hold up to 50,000 different yeast particles? The grapes used in winemaking are a rich source of natural yeasts that can absolutely transform the final flavour of the wine. Rather than use proprietary yeast, we allow the yeasts on our grapes to naturally facilitate the fermentation process. What this means for drinkers of our vegan wine is that each batch will taste slightly different to all the others - results are far less consistent (although, in our opinion, more palatable) than when a pre-prepared yeast is used. Our wines don't taste like conventionally prepared products, but we don't expect or want them to!

If you favour wines that are unique and special, it's time to try a glass from Doom Juice. Our team are committed to giving you the option to try something a little different - an ethically sourced and produced vegan wine that's an absolute pleasure to drink.

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